Healthtech company Raremark® reboots as Xperiome™ to drive increased value for rare disease patients and researchers

In response to the exceptional growth we’re experiencing, both within the patient community and the commercial pharma environment, we are rebranding as Xperiome.

London, UK, February 16, 2021 – Raremark®, the global healthtech company specializing in rare diseases, has announced that it is rebranding as Xperiome™ to better refine and enhance its offering to patients and the pharma industry as it enters into its next phase of growth. Xperiome will now become the name and corporate identity of the company, while the Raremark brand will solely represent its patient-facing activities dedicated to helping people better understand, talk about and manage rare diseases.

Jeremy Edwards, CEO of Xperiome, commented: “Strategically, we are rebranding because we have two very different audiences, with individual needs that will benefit from equal attention and focus. Our members will continue to see the Raremark brand they have grown to know and trust, while Xperiome will lead as our corporate entity and industry-facing brand. This reboot is an exciting step that will enable us to continue providing a truly valuable experience for our members, while driving growth for Xperiome within the industry.”

As part of the rebrand, Raremark will expand to become a knowledge bank for the lived experience of rare disease to help people living with any of the 7,000+ known rare conditions. Opening up Raremark to anyone affected by any rare disease will break down barriers between conditions and enable more members to find what they need, when they need it.

“Many experiences are shared across diverse conditions, such as the isolation of parenting a child with a disease many people don’t know about, or the frustration of not being taken seriously in the emergency room,” explained Alex Garner, COO of Xperiome. “By taking down the fences conventionally put around health content, we are essentially setting it free so that anyone with any condition can access and find value from it. And we know access to information is a big challenge in rare disease.”

Jeremy added: “Xperiome is a fast-growing company, with a true vision of shaping a future in which all rare conditions are understood and treated. I’m excited to expand our offering as we continue on our journey to help pharma accelerate the development of rare disease therapies. Our deep understanding of rare diseases from the insights shared on Raremark, coupled with our ability to match the right patients to the right studies, will make a real, positive change in the rare disease space.”

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About Xperiome

Xperiome is a global healthtech company that helps pharma get to know rare disease patients and their conditions faster by delivering deep insights into the patient experience.

We have created Raremark as the place for the lived experience of rare disease. Raremark supports every stage of a patient’s health odyssey: a community to crowdsource wisdom, a library to catalog the lived experience, and a matching engine to find research opportunities.

This data-driven knowledge bank of the rare experience allows us to match research-ready members to clinical and real-world studies, faster and smarter than ever before.

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