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Patient preferences for injectable drug-delivery options

A pharmaceutical company commissioned Xperiome to survey our sickle cell community to understand how people living with the condition handle their pain crises and hospital visits, and how they would feel about different ways to take or receive a new injectable medication. Specifically, the client wanted to know if any factors influence preference for auto-injector devices over intravenous (IV) infusions.

Longitudinal, real-world data to support US FDA submission

A specialist pharmaceutical company commissioned Xperiome to recruit a group of people living with pouchitis, a rare gastrointestinal condition, and to track how it affects their lives over a six-month period. The objective was to generate real-world data to support a future regulatory submission to the US FDA, for approval of the company’s investigational drug.

Phase I study to assess safety and tolerability of investigative medication in pediatric patients with Sanfilippo syndrome (MPS IIIA)

A specialty healthcare company developing treatments for rare diseases sought Xperiome’s support for an early-stage pediatric trial program testing an investigational medicine in Sanfilippo syndrome. Xperiome was commissioned to run a nine-month online campaign to raise the profile of the program and to find and refer up to four of the nine patients needed for the Phase I study in the United States; to a study site that initially had no patients of their own.

Phase II study to evaluate safety and efficacy of investigative medication in adults with generalized MG

A clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing treatments for autoimmune diseases brought in Xperiome to boost recruitment to a Phase II study of an experimental drug for generalized myasthenia gravis (MG); a super-hot area for clinical research experiencing high competition for eligible patients. By reaching out to Xperiome’s online community of MG patients, which is the largest in the world in this condition, we were able to boost enrollment by 25% within 90 days - saving the sponsors at least three months off their recruitment timeline.

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