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The best way to drive real change in rare disease is to put patients first. Their expertise and perspectives play an important role in enabling wider patient access to innovative medicines and care. Let us guide your brand positioning and product launches.

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Real people, real insights, real value. Raremark is inspiring an information revolution in rare disease.

People affected by a rare disease visit Raremark to learn from the lived experience of others like them.

Wherever you may be in your brand’s life cycle, Raremark offers multiple avenues to help demonstrate the true value of medicines, and to inform your marketing strategies.

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Our community

Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from our active and engaged Raremark members.

“Thank you for helping us (IPF) patient's share our day to day living difficulties at this connector stage. Just to let you know, I started taking [drug name] two months ago. This happened because of the valuable information you put on every time."

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“I've come so far and hearing that other people have gone through what I have has really helped me. Thank you!”

Raremark Member

“Thank you for the information! I will print this list and have it at all my doctor appointments.”

Raremark Member
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Click to move between the different biographies.
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Patient preferences for injectable drug-delivery options

A pharma company commissioned Xperiome to survey sickle cell patients and caregivers to understand how people living with the condition handle their pain crises and hospital visits, and how they would feel about different ways to take or receive a new injectable medication.

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