Rethink patient recruitment

Discover a new way to engage hard-to-reach patients for traditional and decentralized clinical trials.

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Engage research-ready patient populations

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Discover new patient insights

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Get ahead with patient-powered studies

Finding patients is hard. Finding rare patients is even harder

Driven by a deep and personal insight into life with a rare disease, as well as an innate understanding of digital technology and web behavior, we have developed a proven methodology for finding and engaging hard-to-reach patients.

Online Behavior Mapping: Analyze digital behavior to understand reachability and likelihood of engagement; Rare Disease Specialists: Highly experience team with deep insight into life with a rare disease; Patient Insights: Leverage unique patient insights to inform the digital recruitment strategy.

Tailored digital campaigns

When it comes to reaching rare patients, no two scenarios are the same. That’s why we tailor recruitment strategies to specific indications and study requirements.

Our highly experienced digital marketing specialists have developed unique techniques for finding and engaging niche patient populations, through our in-depth understanding of search engines, social media platforms, and online patient behavior.

Armed with data, knowledge, and empathy, we create holistic digital experiences that reach patients previously thought unreachable.

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Early audience insights

Finding patients to take part in rare disease clinical and real-world studies can be incredibly challenging.

Our Early Audience Insights programs involve extensive research and analysis to understand the digital behavior of targeted patient populations and assess reachability and likelihood of engagement.

Real-time dashboards provide unique insights that inform protocol feasibility and recruitment strategies, strengthening the chance of study success.

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A list of the top search results, including Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis with 33,100 searches in total.
A funnel graphic showing how we filter down our patients for various studies. The three points we look for are Awareness, Education and Interest.

Engage research-ready patients

We build relationships with patients and caregivers from the beginning, running trial education programs where appropriate and giving patients value through Raremark.

This helps patients and caregivers understand the importance of research, particularly for rare disease, what taking part would mean, and how it might benefit them.

When patients are ready to participate in research, we connect them to relevant study opportunities using our specialized matching engine.

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Decentralized Trials

Clinical trials are changing, the move towards decentralized trials is bringing a more patient-focused approach to clinical research.

This is especially valuable for rare disease patients, where the burden of travel and site visits can be a significant barrier to study participation.

Provide rare disease patients the opportunity to participate in trials regardless of where they live:

  • Assess study feasibility based on patient location
  • Refine study design based on patient requirements.
  • Match the right patients to the right studies
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Phase II generalized myasthenia gravis study

Read how we boosted enrollment for a Phase II study of an experimental drug for generalized myasthenia gravis (MG) by 25% within 90 days - saving the sponsors at least three months off their recruitment timeline.

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